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A Very Sweet Partnership: JOJO’s Chocolate & TNG

Read our news blurb announcing the partnership between TNG and JOJO’s Chocolate on Pumpkin Spice Bites, plus how to partner with our company.

Going Back to School or Work? Consider Our Snack Packs!

If you and your family are craving something familiar as the world opens back up, turn to True North Granola, specifically our Snack Packs. Follow along to learn why these take-along portions of our Vermont-made granolas are just the right thing to keep you fueled as you finally emerge from your house.

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Blue about Blueberries

Summer is officially here in New England, and strawberry season has come and gone, which means the start of the blueberry season will be here soon. To get ready for the 2021 season, read on to learn more about the health benefits of this wonderful fruit, as well as what our company offers for blueberry lovers.

Make the Big Day Special with True North Granola’s Wedding Favors

Summer wedding season is here, we want to help you take some of the pressure off when it comes to getting everything ready by offering granola wedding favors. How do these favors make any wedding special? Read on to discover some of the reasons!

The Magic of Nutty No Grainer

Ever wonder why our three Nutty No Grainers are so magical? Get the scoop in our latest blog!

Update: The Recipes Section on the TNG Website is Live!

We’re pleased to announce that “Recipes” is now a section on our website. Learn more about it, including where to find it, here.

Farrell Distributing Teams Up With the VSFA to Promote TNG

The VSFA teamed up with Farrell Distributing to promote goods that are produced by VSFA members, including TNG. Watch the video here!

Why Our Cherry Vanilla Granola is perfect for National Make Lunch Count Day

Learn about our refreshing Cherry Vanilla Granola, why it is ideal for National Make Lunch Count Day, and the health benefits of cherries.

In With the New: Introducing GF Muesli & the Return of Coconut GF

We’re excited to announce two huge changes for True North Granola: a new product, GF Muesli, and the return of a beloved granola, Coconut. Both of these offerings are gluten-free, keeping with our mission to create products that are not only delicious, but that also work for those with a variety of specialty-based diets.

Reasons Why We Love Our Cookie Mix

We are giving one of our underrated products a chance to shine. Our Chocolate Chip-Granola Cookie Mix includes a special blend of mix and Belgian dark chocolate chips, alongside numerous benefits. Read on to learn the reasons why we love our Cookie Mix.

Overnight Oats: Versatile, Tasty and Delicious

Read this blog post to learn about overnight oats, why they are popular, and which True North Granola product goes great in any overnight oats recipe.

Why Classic Flavor Combinations are Perennially Popular

Why are classic flavor combinations perennially popular? Read on to learn why, as well as what True North Granola offers those who love classic flavors.