Granola Recipes

We love experimenting and creating recipes that include our delicious granola. Here are some of our favorite recipes with granola that we enjoy:

A Nutty Apple Pie
Inspired by the Pie Shortage of 2021 and Tasty’s Caramel Rose Apple Pie recipe, this Nutty Apple Pie is delicious, simple and beautiful, perfect for any occasion! Photo credit: Clare Barboza
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Pie with Nutty No Grainer
Nutty No Grainer With Multiple Uses
Three varieties of Nutty No Grainer have multiple and versatile uses
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Nutty no grain granola spread out
Breakfast Oat Cake
Delicious and nutritious breakfast cake.
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breakfast oat cake
Summer Cantaloupe with Granola
A delightful summer dessert or breakfast treat that couldn't be any simpler!
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granola on top of canteloupe
Pita Bread Peanut Better
Quick, simple, delicious, nutritious, and highly filling breakfast option. You won’t be disappointed.  Inspired by Lee Corbett
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pita bread peanut butter
Stuffed Papaya
Simple, delicious and nutritious breakfast or snack recipe. Quantities of ingredients are your choice! Use your imagination and favorite ingredients to create your own creation. Inspired by Lee Corbett.
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papaya recipe with granola

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