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Our customers say:

In May we went to the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market and visited your booth. We haven’t found anything else like your granola. It is so, so good. Can’t wait for more!! The perfect snack. I’m so glad you ship. Maren




Our Chocolate Chip Granola Cookie Mix includes our special blend of granola cookie mix and a separate bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Each bag of granola cookie mix will yield approximately 36 chocolate chip granola cookies, 2″ – 3″ in diameter.


“I made up a batch of your chocolate chip cookies, using canola oil instead of butter in order to reduce the saturated fat. Granted, nothing tastes as good as butter, but these are still the best cookies I’ve ever made! And they still have that bright snap that I’d thought was possible only with butter. So thank you for this wonderful new treat. Please send 4 more bags of the mix!” — Lorraine, Eastham, MA


“My partner and I finished dinner last night and were hunkering for some kind of dessert.
But alas, we had nothing in the house.
Until I remembered the Cookie Mix up in the pantry behind the cat food.
At 10 pm we decided to make your cookies.
Yikes, I ate 6 in about 10 seconds!
They were so light and delicious!
The instructions were very clear.
You must have been a teacher or something.
Thanks you very much for producing such a quality product.”

Your faithful fan,
Carol, VT
August, 2015