Just Fruit

Just Fruit! is our newest line of dried fruit products. These are the very same fruits that are mixed in with some of your favorite granola varieties. If you’re missing a favorite granola, why not try adding in one of these fruits to Maple Vanilla Granola, or another of your choice.

These are healthy “dried” fruits. They are each Non-GMO, and contain as little sugar as possible. All three of the berries–blueberries, cherries, cranberries– are infused with apple juice and sunflower oil. There is no refined sugar added to these three berries.  The juice allows the natural flavor of the berry to emerge, and together the juice and oil keep these fruits moist.  This dried fruit won’t turn to ‘leather’ in your granola and they will continue to be delicious.

The crystallized ginger is a different story. It does have some refined white sugar added to it, but nothing else. We’ve tried to use a sugar-free ginger but its moisture migrates out into the grains and it soons become bead-like.  It’s not good for your teeth that way.

There is no sulfur or other additive in any our fruits. These fruits are delicious as snacks on their own, or added to granola, baked goods, oatmeal, or any other creation of your imagination. They are packaged in 1 lb. bags and are good for one year.

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