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Oats So Good Muesli is a delicious product eaten hot or cold. What is Muesli? Muesli is a traditional European breakfast food which contains oats, and generally a unique combination of raw nuts, seeds and fruit. True North Granola also adds nutritional spices to our blend. Both oatmeal and muesli are considered to be healthy breakfast foods. Muesli can be eaten raw, or cooked like you would any oatmeal, or soaked in milk or yogurt overnight in the refrigerator for a deliciously cool and refreshing breakfast in the summer, or any time. First developed by a Swiss medical doctor, we make our Muesli to reflect that which is made and served in many European countries, and it competes strongly with any other brand, national or international.

In Oats So Good, brown label, you will find 4 whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruit and spices.

The second option of Oats So Good, the tan label, is an allergen-friendly product, naturally gluten-free, no nuts and no dairy.

The third option of Oats So Good, the yellow label, is our original recipe without any fruits or nuts.

All versions are delicious, super nutritious and provide a fulfilling meal any time of day.

Buy muesli online and have your favorites at hand any time you want them!

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