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Are Oats Gluten-Free? Can You Eat Oats on a Gluten-Free Diet?

It seems like every year, more and more people switch to a gluten-free diet. But, what is gluten, and why do people decide to remove it from their diets? Does adopting a gluten-free lifestyle mean you have to give up oats, and, therefore, granola? Read on to find out.

Why Dates and Cocoa Powder are great in Granola

It’s no secret that we love all of our granolas, but we have a sweet spot for the Valentine’s varieties: Choco (short for Chocolate) Granola and First Date Granola. These granolas are so good that we’re sure you’ll agree – love at first bite! The key ingredients of cocoa powder and dates in these respective granolas are great because they add flavor and nutrition to our mixes.

What’s the Difference between Granola and Muesli?

You know we sell Vermont-made organic granola, but you may not be aware that we also offer muesli. We’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to muesli, dive into how it differs from granola and explain which varieties we offer.

How to Make Bubble Tea with Granola

We gave you the scoop on bubble tea with granola recently, but left out an important part: how to make it. Mix up a refreshing drink in 8 easy steps by following this adaptation of a Tasty recipe by Frank Tiu!

Another Plus for Vermont — State Leads US in Inbound Migration

In 2019, Vermont wasn’t only the healthiest state in the nation: it also lead the country in inbound migration again, according to a United Van Lines study. The inbound rate was over 70%, while the percentage of outbound movers was much lower. The state in which we’re based and proud to call home is intriguing to movers for numerous reasons, including the four distinct seasons, fresh air, endless opportunities for recreation, community-focused atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle.

Bubble Tea & Granola: An Unexpected, Yet Perfect Combination

We’ve added bubble tea makers and sellers to our customer base! Learn what bubble tea is, its history and why bubble tea and granola go well together.

Vermont Ranked as Healthiest State in the Nation for 2019

Once again, Vermont has been named the healthiest state in the nation, according to the America’s Health Rankings annual report released by the United Health Foundation. 2019 marks the 5th time Vermont has earned the #1 accolade in the past 30 years, which speaks to the commitment to health within our state.

Nuts about Nuts: A Guide

Here at True North Granola, we’re nuts about nuts! It’s no wonder that they make a crunchy, delicious addition to our products, but which ones are used, and what are their benefits? We’ll break it down for you.

Vermont-Made Specialty Granola Gift Guide

As foliage season comes to a close, and the frost comes, chances are that you’re finalizing holiday travel plans, getting holiday recipes out of storage and making gift lists. It’s time to get into the holiday spirit, and we can help! Our assortment of granola gifts will delight those on your list this year.

Learn about our new Subscription Program!

We know your life is busy, so we’ve made it even easier to get the granola you want, when you want it, thanks to our new subscription program. Get all of the details about the subscription program here.

Why Choose True North Granola, and What Makes our Vermont-made Products so good?

Anyone who’s looking for granola knows that there are so many choices on the market. So, why pick True North Granola, and what makes our Vermont-made granola a standout choice? Check out 10 reasons why.

Can you eat Granola on the Keto Diet?

Most store-bought granola isn’t keto-friendly since most are grain-based and include enormous amounts of sugar. Some granolas, however, such as our Nutty No Grainer Mediterranean, are. We’re proud to offer this keto gluten-free granola; it’s our first foray into making a savory variety, as well as taking our products from breakfast to dinner. Read on for more about this product and the keto diet.