Spotlight on our Pecan Supplier

Miller Pecan Company in Afton, Oklahoma

By Kate Springer

Miller Pecan Company Logo
Logo courtesy of Miller Pecan Co.

Why are we highlighting our Pecan Supplier this Month?

Pecan Day is on March 25, which commemorates the planting of a pecan tree by George Washington at Mount Vernon estate in 1775.  In fact, pecans are celebrated on March 25 and also on National Pecan Day, April 14. It’s not too often that a nut gets 2 days of notoriety!  Since pecans are the largest single-use nut that we use in our products (they’re used in 9 flavors!), we thought that it was the right time to highlight our amazing pecan supplier, Miller Pecan Company, which is based in Afton, Oklahoma.

The Lowdown on Miller Pecan Company

Miller Pecan Co. aims to provide high-quality, environmentally responsible and delicious pecans to customers across the U.S. It’s owned by brothers Jared and Justin Miller and their families. They’ve been growing and harvesting pecans since the 1980s. The Miller brothers are highly respected as pecan growers; they were awarded the accolade of Growers of the Year by the Oklahoma Pecan Grower’s Association in 2017.

What made us Decide to Work with them?

Ingrid and Franklin first met Jared in 2016, when he was on a trip to New England. Jared stopped by TNG’s shop, and promised to connect once he returned to Oklahoma. We chose to work with the Miller family because not only are they delightful people, but they’re one of the few pecan growers in the country that handles their pecans at every stage (from planting, grafting and harvesting to cleaning and shelling) as well.

The pecans are always fresh, and working with this family-owned business has been nothing less than terrific. Many thanks to Miller Pecan Co. for giving us tasty pecans with which to enhance our granolas!

About our Granolas with Pecans

The nuts, including pecans, that are in our Nutty No Grainers.
The nuts, including pecans, that are in our Nutty No Grainers.

Our granolas with pecans include Apple Cinnamon, Go Nuts, Pumpkin, Cherry Vanilla Pecan, First Date and all 4 flavors of  Nutty No Grainer.

  • Apple Cinnamon: The granola features cinnamon, pecans, almonds, sea salt and pomegranate molasses for a fresh burst of taste and crunch.  
  • Go Nuts: Our signature granola is packed with pistachios, pecans, almonds and dried cranberries. You’ll Go Nuts for this granola!
  • Pumpkin: This healthy, crunchy granola tastes like pumpkin pie, thanks to pecans, a blend of spices and golden raisins.
  • Cherry Vanilla Pecan: This gluten-free, vegan granola is a popular one, and has coconut chips, pecans and dried cherries for a punch of flavor.
  • First Date: It’s vegan, low-sugar and gluten-free, but high in protein. The inclusion of date powder adds just the most minimal amount of sweetening. Give it a try and we’re sure you’ll agree – love at first bite!
  • Nutty No Grainer Original: The original Nutty No Grainer features seeds, organic nuts, dried fruit, coconut oil, maple syrup and spices in a tantalizing blend. It’s gluten-free, grain-free and vegan.
  • Nutty No Grainer with Blueberries: Love the taste of Nutty No Grainer Original, but want a different take on the product (that’s still gluten-free, grain-free and vegan)? Check out our variety with dried blueberries!
  • Nutty No Grainer with Cranberries: It’s the same Nutty No Grainer blend you’re obsessed with, but with tasty dried cranberries. This one’s vegan, gluten-free and vegan.
  • Nutty No Grainer Mediterranean Blend: Our first foray into savory products has nuts, seeds, coconut oil and an exotic spice blend. It’ll satisfy your need for a savory, crunchy and healthy snack.

Pecan Granolas Sale

To celebrate Pecan Day on the 25th, Apple Cinnamon, Go Nuts, Pumpkin, Cherry Vanilla, First Date and all 4 flavors of  Nutty No Grainer are on sale this month.  Take 10% off all available sizes of our granolas with pecans, through March 31, with the code “March 19.”