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Five gluten free granola varieties available

We offer five varieties of gluten free granola made with certified gluten-free rolled oats: Apricot Cashew, Cherry Vanilla Pecan, Coconut, Ginger Pineapple and Maple Vanilla. All of our granola is made in small batches at our commercial kitchen in Brattleboro, Vermont by our talented team of bakers. We’ve been inspected by the FDA regarding our Gluten-Free Products and passed inspection quite handily. We also regularly test our products with a food safety testing laboratory in Vermont to ensure they are truly gluten-free. Our granola is enjoyed by people with a range of gluten sensitivities, including those suffering from Celiac disease. For more information about our company or products, please call us at: 1-802-254-9200.

Are you wondering if Oats are gluten free? Is granola gluten free? Read this short article


While some believe that rolled oats are naturally gluten-free, others believe they contain a protein that mimics the gluten protein. It is a fact that oats can become susceptible to cross-contamination if they are grown on fields in which gluten-based grains were grown.  They may also become contaminated with gluten if they are processed in facilities that process other grains containing gluten, such as wheat, barley and rye. Our five gluten free granola varieties from True North Granola contain only certified gluten free rolled oats which are regularly tested to ensure they do not contain any gluten.

For more information on the dietary information of our granola, please visit this link.

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