Another Plus for Vermont — State Leads US in Inbound Migration

By Kate Springer

In 2019, Vermont wasn’t only the healthiest state in the nation: it also lead the country in inbound migration again, according to a United Van Lines study. The inbound rate was over 70%, while the percentage of outbound movers was much lower.  The state in which we’re based and proud to call home is intriguing to movers for numerous reasons, including the four distinct seasons, fresh air, endless opportunities for recreation, community-focused atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle.

A survey was conducted in conjunction with the study, and examined the reasoning behind the moves. Those coming to Vermont who were surveyed mostly said that they were doing so for retirement, their family or a lifestyle change.  Data also showed that those migrating to Vermont are older and more affluent than in the past.  Vermont didn’t make United Van Lines’ 2019 migration rankings because the company moved fewer than 250 groups in and out; however, for a small but mighty state, getting this honor is huge. Vermont is clearly among the top places to move to, and is becoming a leader in New England for migration.  Way to go, Vermont!

Not only are people enthusiastic about living in Vermont, but they’re passionate about buying locally-made products, like granola, as well. As an established Vermont granola company, we know that goods made in the state are highly appreciated, which is why we’re so thankful to have such a dedicated and loyal customer base.

 Looking for a way to surprise a new arrival to Vermont, or just moved here (welcome!) and want to try our products? Consider getting a granola gift, taking advantage of our subscription program, to help them get granola conveniently delivered to their home or bundle up some snack packs to give a taste of True North Granola.  2019 was a momentous year for the state, and we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.