Ingrid Chrisco

Founder and Owner 

Ingrid has been a foodie her whole life.  One of her greatest pleasures has been finding, creating and cooking meals for her family and friends.  This long-standing love morphed into the granola business six years ago when she decided she could make a better product than what she had been eating. It wasn’t a stretch for her to do this as she had been making granola for her husband, sons, family and friends since her days of living in Alaska with her husband.  ‘Go Nuts’ was her first creation, and to this day, it remains True North’s best seller.  Using instinct, intuition, imagination and endurance, she and her husband have built True North Granola Company into a recognizable and sought-after product. We chose the name True North to represent the ultimate destination in one’s search for the finest granola available.  In her career as an educator, Ingrid has worked to make a positive difference in the lives of her students. It is her belief that she is now making a positive difference in the lives of granola consumers.  One of those consumers, a fan since the early days of the company’s creation, states, “When I eat your granola, it makes me happy.”  We aim to share that happiness with anyone who tries True North Granola.