Franklin Chrisco


Franklin says that he has been eating what he believes to be the best granola in the world since 1972. That’s when Ingrid started creating granola recipes and baking them in our log cabin on the Kenai River in Soldotna, Alaska. I was always helping in the process by making suggestions, gathering ingredients, stirring as granola baked and tasting the results. We tried different ingredients and baking styles but quickly settled on what has become our best seller, Go Nuts. At that time we we added high and low bush cranberries we gathered ourselves on the land of Dillon Kimple, Principal of the school where I was teaching. We loved sharing our granola with Dillon and other very appreciative friends. Baking, eating and sharing GoNuts Granola remained a constant in our lives as we moved to Vermont in 1974 and has remained so through our housing moves and raising our boys, Zachary and Joel. When Ingrid’s entrepreneurial spirit first moved her to suggest creating a Granola business I was quite skeptical. Eventually she convinced me this business was possible and she was serious. It became my goal to figure out what I could do to support this dream. I realized my best role was being her right hand guy. There was plenty to do and this eventually led me to saying I would become the face of our venture, True North Granola Company at the Brattleboro Area Farmers’ Market. We have branched out considerably since our first year selling granola at the Farmers’ Market but the Market has remained the heart of our customer base.