Agathe Hoos


You might not realize when you first meet her, but Agate isn’t from “around here” – Vermont, that is. She was actually born, yes born (not hatched, she’s not a chicken after all), in France, but her childhood years were spent in South Africa. Yes, she does enjoy Marmite on an english muffin with cheddar cheese. When she was a young teenager, her family relocated to New Jersey because of her father’s job, which we’re told is top secret. Agathe’s worldly experience has taught her many important things, including lead singers in rock bands will notice you if you look like you’re not having fun, don’t leave pizza in an oven (even when it’s off) for an entire weekend, and amniotic fluid is highly combustible. Agathe is truly happy she and her family found their way to Vermont where she gets to make and eat granola. When she’s not spending time with her kids, she’s making kitchen miracles happen. As a pharmacist technician-turned-baker, she has truly grown to love her craft and currently has 5 impressive years under her belt baking (and eating!) delicious granola.