Find Your Granola True North!

By Kate Springer

Find your granola true north
Find your granola true north from our enticing product selection!

What company couldn’t be happier to learn that U.K. compasses will point ‘TRUE NORTH’ this month for the first time in over 300 years? True North Granola, of course! In a way, our granola will be in the sights of the global society (or, more specifically, the sights of those in the Greenwich area of London, where this will occur)!

We always want our loyal fans to believe they have truly found their GRANOLA TRUE NORTH, and this year, you’re also aligned with the world’s greatest compass (no pun intended)! Compasses are based on Earth’s magnetic north pole, while the direction of true north is based off Earth’s axis, pointing toward the physical north pole. This changes over time and by location.

While we’re not in the U.K. (so, sadly, we can’t witness this), we think this news is the perfect opportunity to remind folks that it’s our continuing goal to help our customers find their granola true north.

With 14 varieties of granola, (11 in our regular product lineup, plus 3 seasonal varieties), it’s easy to find a favorite. Browse online for the granola that speaks to you, or reach out if you can’t decide which to order. We’d be happy to help! Until you contact us, though, we’ll be celebrating this news with a healthy dose of granola.