Does Granola Contain Vitamins? What Vitamins are in Granola?

By Kate Springer

Granola ingredients
Raw ingredients in granola

A prospective customer recently asked us about vitamins in our granolas. He wasn’t sure if there were any vitamins in our products. In order to clarify this for all our customers, we want to share the good news about vitamins in our granola. In addition, we’ll go into detail about why our products are healthy (hint: the vitamins in question play a big role!).  Read on for the answers.

Does True North Granola Contain Vitamins?

First things first, our granolas do contain vitamins. In fact, since the ingredients we use are healthy and high-quality, our products are loaded with them!

Ingrid, the founder of True North Granola, clarified how vitamins are labeled on our products’ bags.

“We follow FDA regulations for labeling, and are only asked to identify percentages of calcium, potassium, vitamin D and iron. Space availability on our labels prohibits us for listing all of the vitamins, minerals and health benefits associated with our products,” she said.

Some of the vitamins in two of our most-used ingredients, oats and nuts, are listed below.

Nuts in granola are a good source of dietary fiber, which is helpful for the digestive system, and provide a range of essential nutrients. These include several B vitamins, including folate, which is needed to make bone marrow and blood cells, and vitamin E, which helps with heart and immune health.  Nuts also have many minerals, such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and number of antioxidant minerals.

Whole grain oats, which is the base ingredient of most of our granolas, are also high in vitamins and minerals. In addition to having vitamin B, which helps our bodies use carbohydrates as energy, these oats have manganese, phosphorous, copper and iron. These minerals help with bone and heart health, plus body growth, development and metabolic function.

Ingrid sums up how these ingredients make for healthy, delicious granola. 

“Each of our ingredients separately and together contributes to keeping bone, heart and general health in order, and together we believe our products are not only quite delicious, but are also healthy for our bodies,” she says.

We hope this information helps with any concerns you may have.

I now know that your granola contains many vitamins and minerals, but why, specifically, is it healthy? I want details!

Compared to many other granolas, our products are very healthy. Numerous factors contribute to why this is the case.

Whole grains: According to research summarized by WebMD, consuming whole grains, which can be found in the oats we use, can lower your risk of several diseases.

Healthy fats: The nuts, seeds and oils in our products and loaded with healthy fats. Your heart will thank you for eating these.

Grain-free, low-carb snack mixes and granolas: We offer Nutty No Grainer, a line of products which are grain-free, low-carb snack mixes that meet the demand for customers who want to eat lifestyles that are either low in carbohydrates or free of grains. They include nuts, seeds and a special spice blend for loads of flavor.

Low sugar varieties: We offer multiple varieties of low-sugar granolas, which is much better for you than loading up on dessert that’s disguised as granola!

No added sugar options: Our First Date Granola and Nutty No Grainer Mediterranean Blend have no added sugar. All of the sugar in First Date Granola is natural, so if you want to avoid processed sugars, this is a good option. Or, opt for Nutty No Grainer Mediterranean Blend, which has no added or refined sugars, for a savory snack. Many of our competitors sweeten their products with artificial sweeteners or loads of sugar. That’s not the case with our products.

Healthy sweeteners: We use healthy sweeteners, such as pure VT maple syrup, in our products. Granola doesn’t have to be loaded with unhealthy ingredients to be tasty.

Clean foods: Our products contribute to a clean eating diet. There are no additives, preservatives and chemicals in our products. 

All ingredients are non-GMO: True North Granola isn’t made from ingredients that have come from genetically-modified organisms, which keeps things natural. 

Organic ingredients: Some of our formulas are 100% USDA organic. Many organic ingredients are used in the recipes for our granola.

Freshly-made: All of our products are made fresh, never warehoused, and always crunchy. They’re made with care and love by our team of bakers.

Careful attention and awareness of potential allergens: We pay careful attention to ensure non-contact from one allergen type to another, making it so as many customers as possible can enjoy our granolas.

That sums it up. Our products are vitamin and mineral rich, plus are some of the healthiest on the market. With this knowledge, in the future, it’s our hope that you have even more confidence in choosing True North Granola as your go-to product.