True North Granola Club


The True North Granola Club is the ultimate gift from Vermont–clean food free of chemicals or preservatives, always freshly made, super crunchy and NEVER too sweet. We never use GMOs. We pride ourselves on making the highest quality, healthiest granola available, and would like you to share this gift with your friends or loved ones–in fact, with all the granola lovers in your life! It is the gift that keeps on giving. You order one time and we do the rest. We will ship 2 bags of healthy granola each time according to the schedule you choose–2, 4, 6 or 12 months of shipments. This is a gift that is sure to please! Or, how about a gift for yourself, too!

Shipping is included in all clubs–no extra cost.

Choose your Granola Plan

We will ship on consecutive months for the number of months you choose. Shipping costs are included in each order.

Benefits of the club:

  • Freshly baked, never too sweet, clean and crunchy granola delivered according to your desired monthly schedule.
  • Be the first to sample our newest products!
  • You may include a personalized message which we will send on a lovely True North Granola postcard to your recipient.

How it Works:

It’s simple…choose your category (regular, gluten-free, mixed selection) and your delivery plan and we will send the gift of wholesome granola according to your requested schedule. We will mix up the flavors in order to present a variety throughout the gift period. You place the order once and we do the work for the rest of the order schedule. We will ship 2 bags of granola in each shipment. Options include:

  • 2 Months We ship for 2 consecutive months, 2 bags each time, 4 bags in all.
  • 4 Months We ship for 4 consecutive months, 2 bags each time, 8 bags in all.
  • 6 MonthsWe ship for 6 consecutive months, 2 bags each time, 12 bags in all.
  • 12 Months We ship for 12 consecutive months, 2 bags each time, 24 bags in all.

All prices above include cost of shipping.

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