What makes True North Granola so Special and Appealing?

Here are some items to consider:

  • We live and make our granola in Vermont—home to some of best granolas in the world and ours is among the favorites offered. Who wouldn’t want a gourmet, artisan, specialty food granola made in VT?
  • We have the most amazing staff ever. If someone is out sick on a given day, we miss this person very much. We care as much about our staff as we do our our products and our customers.
  • We make broad categories of products to meet our customers unique tastes and dietary restrictions, including traditional varieties loaded with nuts and dried fruits, to gluten-free granola to grain-free, and even nut-free granola. Within each category, we offer customers multiple flavors to choose from. We don’t make just one gluten-free or grain-free product. We make 7 regular varieties, 5 gluten-free varieties, and 3 grain-free varieties.  A 4th grain-free product is on its way! We want customers to be happy and to find the flavors they most like within their nutritional needs.
  • Our work is, and has always been, our great passions in life. After retiring as educators who each spent more than 40 years in the profession, we began another career making what many of you describe as “the best granola in the world.” If you think this, too, we are happy and we want you to be happy when you eat our products.
  • Our products are “clean,” free from chemicals, additives, preservatives. This is yet another reason that True North Granola is so special. Most days we are knee deep in granola in our shop. What we sweep up goes to the local chickens.

Today we were foot deep and want to share this picture with you. We love our products and love our customers. Thank you, all, for your support and loyalty. ~ Ingrid and Franklin