What Are Superfoods And Do Blueberries Count?

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“Superfoods” is a term we all hear tossed around almost on a daily basis. Whether it’s on the news, a website, in a magazine or a conversation with you and your friend, it feels like there’s more awareness than ever of this word.  Even if we don’t know what these foods are, it’s common to hear something along the lines of “Eat your berries! Eat your kale! And don’t forget the chia seeds!”. Well, maybe not always that specific, but you get the point.

So What Is A Superfood?

Simply, superfoods are especially nutrient-dense foods. Because they deliver more vitamins and minerals per serving than other types of food, they are thought to be much more beneficial to health and well-being. They are not their own food group, but rather, a collections of foods that have concentrated nutritional superiority.

In general, our diets display a massive health spectrum. So while cucumbers are indeed healthy, they may not pack the most nutritional punch per serving than say, a handful of berries.

So What About Blueberries

Yes, blueberries, including fresh, dried and frozen, are most certainly are a superfood! An antioxidant one at that. They are packed with phytoflavinoids, and are rich in vitamins such as potassium, vitamin C, and manganese. They are also connected with a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and inflammation. Blueberries are thought to be one of the top superfoods out there–and we’ll have to say, one of the most delicious.

The True North Connection

So don’t be afraid, get out there and add some superfoods to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. And remember to eat your granola! True North Granola is very proud to offer products that are nutrient dense as well as amazingly tasty, featuring several different types of superfoods. We offer sales monthly, with this May featuring Granola Blues and Nutty No Grainer Blueberry.

Examples of superfoods featured in our granola include:

-Nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, sunflower etc) are found in most of our granola

-Berries (blueberries etc)

-Oats (gluten-free and regular)

-Fruit (apples, cherries, apricots, coconut etc)”

More specifically, we offer Nutty No Grainer with blueberries, and Granola Blues with blueberries.  Nutty is loaded with a variety of superfoods–coconut, nuts, organic coconut oil, seeds such as sunflower, pepitas, flax and sesame, and it all comes with a hugely delicious taste and crunch.  Granola Blues includes other nuts, too, such as almonds and cashews, along with whole grains (oats and wheat germ) and maple syrup.

Try these examples of superfoods or any other products from True North Granola!