Welcome to the weekly True North Granola blog post!

This is the first post of many in what will serve as the best spot to catch up on all things True North. Here we will have news updates, special promotions, recipes and creative ideas to share as well as information regarding our community. This week we will kick off with a product spotlight.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Maple Vanilla granola!


This gluten and nut-free granola is sweetened with pure vanilla, Vermont maple syrup, and coconut chips. With a snack full of such crunch and flavor, you can’t go wrong!

Since opening in 2006, True North Granola has grown exponentially, becoming a force at the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market and in the Vermont community. Ingrid and Franklin Chrisco’s mutual background in education predates the birth of their granola journey, and this passion has proven a vital ingredient in the way they direct their business today. With such knowledge of healthy and delicious food, Ingrid and Franklin hope for others to share in the True North experience and fulfillment from nutritious, local options. This is why True North consistently works with schools to not only make wholesome granola available to children, but to support proper health education for Vermont’s students. Our Maple Vanilla granola is the number one pick for schools, and is enjoyed by students everyday from the bus stop to recess.

Speaking of healthy food options, here is a creative tip to incorporate granola into one of your favorite fall side dishes: Instead of using bread crumbs for your vegetable or fruit gratin, top it with granola after baking. The Maple Vanilla would be a delicious topper for a sweet or savory gratin! And you thought granola was only for yogurt…

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