True North Granola is Nuts About Taste and Health

Many of us consume nuts everyday in our diets. Some nuts are considered a fruit while others a seed.  Some may shy away, thinking that nuts have too much fat. Few may understand the entire picture these nourishing foods provide in order to maintain a healthy diet. Nuts contain a healthy dose of Monounsaturated fats (MUFs), meaning the fat is derived from plants and not animals. Eating foods rich in MUFs can improve blood cholesterol levels and lower your risk of heart disease. These fats may also benefit insulin levels and help to control blood sugar, which can be especially helpful for one who has type 2 diabetes.  Yes, nuts are healthy for us!   

Simply put, nuts are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They also tout healthy doses of protein, fiber, and anti-inflammatory properties. Nuts, in and of themselves, are low in sugar—the perfect snack to help one feel satisfied. Also, they taste delicious!

This month we are excited to have Apricot Granola on sale. Besides containing organic and unsulfured dried, Turkish apricots, this tasty granola consists of cashews and macadamia nuts, both of which are used in their raw, unsalted states. The nuts (along with the pepita and sunflower seeds) help to provide 4g of energizing protein and 3g of fiber—making it a delicious and naturally dairy-free as well as gluten-free meal or snack.

Macadamia nuts are an excellent source of calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc, and are rich in B-complex vitamins. In case you’re wondering, B vitamins assist in the building of blood cells and maintaining healthy nerve cells in the body. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Cashews are packed with an amazing amount of vitamins and minerals. They also have a lower fat content than other nuts, comprised of many of these MUFs. Cashews are known to help build and maintain strong bones, control high blood pressure and reduce the risk of gallstones.

This is just the tip of the iceberg to the wonderful world of nuts. Luckily, this superfood is found in most of our granola and in one of our muesli products. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (tngranola), Twitter (@TNGranola) and Facebook for monthly sales on our products as well as our website for news and updates!