True North Granola and Hidden Springs Maple are Forming a Partnership!

True North Granola and Hidden Springs Maple are Teaming Up!


We are excited to announce the beginning of a new partnership between True North Granola and Hidden Springs Maple! Beginning this July, that magical ingredient we use to sweeten our granola—maple syrup—will be sourced solely from them.

Hidden Springs Maple is a family maple farm in the quaint town of Putney, Vermont, offering 100% natural and organic maple syrup. They started making maple syrup over 50 years ago, where their sugar bush now spans over 1,000 acres across family farms in Putney and Westminster West, Vermont. In addition to being a producer of maple syrup, Hidden Springs Maple also sources and packages maple syrup from other small family farms in Vermont.

This partnership is a wonderful collaboration of products, as well as business integrity. Both of our family-owned, Vermont-based companies are focused on a similar objective of producing quality, gourmet food products while supporting the local community. Maple Syrup is a vital part to Vermont’s farming economy and we are happy that True North Granola can play a small role in supporting it. We are very excited to be in this together. You can learn more about Hidden Spring Maple’s approach to supporting family maple farms in Vermont here


If you are living in or passing through Vermont, we would encourage you to visit Hidden Springs Maple Farm Store for Vermont maple syrup, maple products, as well as a variety of carefully selected Vermont gifts. While there you can sample maple syrup varieties, explore picturesque property, learn how maple syrup is made, and even indulge in some mouth-watering falafel at their outdoor Food Cart all in one visit.  We were there just last weekend and would highly recommend their maple smoothies!

Their products are also available online, and can be found at restaurants and specialty stores throughout the US.