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October-November, 2020

Dear True North Granola Valued Customers,

Here in Vermont our Fall Foliage has been stunningly beautiful this year! As we continue to quarantine, taking a ride through the back roads of Vermont has proven to provide beauty, comfort and solace during these difficult times. We are becoming more accustomed to wearing masks wherever we go, to distancing from others by 6′ or more, to learn how to live in times that now don’t seem so unfamiliar, to learn how to connect with others, and to learn how to manage a business through this never-ending Pandemic Year! Some restrictions have been relaxed, just few enough to remind us that Covid-19 is still with us.  That’s good. We need to remind ourselves every day of the danger of this virus. Hopefully a proven vaccine will protect us to some degree, although we believe this virus is here to stay. Our family life continues, from a distance, and this distance is our greatest sadness right now.  Everyone is healthy, both in work and family, and for that we remain inordinately grateful. We are fortunate to experience many reasons to be happy, and will focus on that and not what we have lost. We hope this is true for our wonderful customers.  

We have participated in a number of virtual events this year. It has been delightful to connect with customers, even from a distance. We continue to provide curbside pickup at our shop for any customers who live in our region, and have enjoyed serving many customers this way. Please let us know if you have requests for non-traditional deliveries and we’ll do our best to get them to happen.

Ginger, Choco and First Date granolas are here to stay, as long as we can keep up with baking needs for our mainstays—Go Nuts, Granola Blues, Maple Vanilla and Nutty No Grainer Original and Mediterranean.

And, you can continue to purchase other products, such as our Granola Cookie Mix, our Muesli, and our Just Fruit! snacks, and our pure Gluten-Free Oats.

Our monthly structure for our email newsletters has changed and will continue in a more robust manner, we think. We intend to promote two different flavors each month, one each regular and gluten-free, by offering unique promotions. We will also send new, recipes and blogs about these same products through the course of each month so that you can learn more about them and how to use them. Lastly, we will include a new promo each month: “Refer a friend.” For those who are able to make a successful promo (the new buyer has actually placed an order), we will send the Referrer a code for a discount on your next order. Referrer’s will be eligible to receive one code per month.

We are still offering our Subscription Program which decreases your cost for each shipment, and lets us do the work each time, rather than you. Set it up one time, and we do the rest.

We are happy to be able to remain operational, but still have a skeletal staff, each working alone in order to protect one another from the potential of infection. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your continuing orders and thank you for your amazing reviews.  All of your reviews are on our website, and we make it a priority to respond to each of you as they come in. They are so much fun for us to read.

We will continue to notify you of changes to our business.

With gratitude, and our continuing best wishes for your extended good health.

Ingrid and Franklin

Owners, True North Granola