Limited Products Available due to COVID-19

March 21, 2020

Dear True North Granola Valued Customers,

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we will have only a limited selection of products available at this time:

Also, we will only be selling in 3 or 5 lb. unit bags.

We know this will disappoint many of you who may be accustomed to purchasing a flavor that is not represented in this list. 

We are down to a skeletal staff, each working alone in order to protect one another from the potential of infection, and their work requires even more efficiency than usual. We have struggled with approaches that a) allow us to stay open; b) keep our staff working and healthy; and, 3) continue to serve our individual and wholesale customers as best we can. This is where we landed and we greatly appreciate your understanding.

We apologize for the inconvenience many of you may experience. At the same time, we, like you, are discovering that creative approaches to our personal and work lives are needed more then ever. The flavors we chose to continue are our biggest sellers, some for the past 13 years, so we know they have broad appeal.  Perhaps you might be willing to try a new flavor and discover a new love. To share a creative example, since Cherry Vanilla or Crystallized Ginger is not on the list of available products, we’d be willing to sell our Cherries in 1-lb. bag at cost, $6.50 per lb. until they run out. We were able to secure a very low price on the ginger and can re-package it into 1 lb. bags and sell it at $4.00 per lb. You can send an email to us and we’ll figure out how to arrange for these sales.

We will continue to notify you of changes to our business. If our Governor issues a ‘stay at home’ mandate, we may need to close, taking into account our staffing availability and the fact that we are a food manufacturing company.

With gratitude, and our continuing best wishes for your extended good health.

Ingrid and Franklin