Experts Report that True North Granola will Improve any Summer Smoothie Bowl

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DATE: August 2018
CONTACT: Ingrid Chrisco, owner, True North Granola;; (802) 254-5806

BRATTLEBORO – Experts were recently asked how açaí and smoothie bowls can be improved, and the answer was overwhelming adding this one ingredient: True North Granola. Smoothie and açaí bowls may be trendy and colorful, but they are also filled with nutrients, keeping consumers fueled and energized for wherever the day takes them. Superfoods, nutrient-dense foods which improve your health and help fend off diseases, are abundant in them. Ingredients that have high protein and fiber contents are commonly added as well. The addition of True North Granola on top of a bowl is positive, experts say.

The experts in question, two customers, Hannah and Lindsey, have discovered the wonders of True North Granola for their businesses.

“Cafes and juice bars which sell acai bowls and smoothies have found True North Granola from coast to coast. We sell to customers in Massachusetts, New York and California, West Virginia, Florida, and others in between,”reports Ingrid, owner of True North Granola.

Lindsay, a manager of a juice bar in California, shares, “The reality is that we sell more smoothies because of True North Granola’s inclusion.”

Anna connected with True North Granola after one year–she found the company at a trade show in Massachusetts and kept its name on her desk. After building 2 cafes in different cities on the coast of Massachusetts, she called and said, “I knew I would incorporate your products into our acai bowl and smoothie cafe, and have been waiting to place this first order.” Now, two years later, Anna orders regularly, every 2 weeks, and reports that True North Granola is a big hit.

The açaí and smoothie bowl trend has “created a wonderful opportunity to see that our products are used in such healthy restaurants,” Ingrid explains.

About True North Granola

The company was launched in 2006 by Ingrid and her husband, Franklin, both of whom are former educators. After careers that exceeded 40 years each, they retired from their life’s work, their passion, and discovered a new passion, making True North Granola. Prior to founding True North Granola, the Chriscos made their own granola since they were not satisfied with the quality level and taste of the granolas on the market. Once they heard from others that their homemade granola was a hit, they created their business.

Today, True North Granola sells 14 varieties of granola and three grain-free options. The products are never too sweet, are low in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates, and meet a variety of dietary needs and preferences, including vegan, nut-free, dairy-free, grain-free, and gluten-free. Ingrid has developed several new products as of late, one of which contains no refined sugar, as well as 2 savory versions of their Nutty No Grainers. These newest products will become available in early fall.

Additional testimonials can be found on the True North Granola website.