Breakfast Bundle # 1


Find an exciting way to enhance your True North Granola purchase with this option: The Breakfast Bundle. It includes our most popular granola, our delicious fruit, and exceptional coffee, all in one package.

First choose from Original Maple Vanilla Granola, or its counterpart, Organic Gluten-Free Maple Vanilla Granola. Then choose your choice of fruit, the same ‘no-sugar-added’ fruits we use in our other granolas. (Crystallized Ginger is an exception and does contain cane sugar). Brave Coffee completes this bundle, and the best part is that it is made by a Vermont coffee roaster that is dedicated to bringing out the finest flavors of the bean. We have selected their biggest seller, Mountain Blend. This coffee is delicious and what better pairing can there be than our premium VT granola, our exceptionally delicious fruit, and a high-quality VT coffee!

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Bundle includes 12 oz. granola, 1 lb. bag fruit, ½ lb. bag coffee

There is no sulfur or other additive in any of our granolas or fruits. These fruits are delicious as snacks on their own or added to granola, baked goods, oatmeal, or any other creation of your imagination. They are packaged in 1 lb. bags and are good for one year.

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Maple Vanilla Original, Maple Vanilla Gluten Free


Apple-juice infused blueberries, Apple-juice infused cherries, Apple-juice infused cranberries, Crystalized ginger