Healthy Food In Schools

Promoting Healthy Food in Schoolsschool-house

Lifelong Educators

True North Granola was started in 2006 by two lifelong educators, Ingrid and Franklin Chrisco. Franklin was a 5th/6th grade teacher for 41 years, and Ingrid began her career as an English teacher before becoming a middle school principal. After 41 and 44 years, respectively, they are now both retired, but their passion for education lives on.​

Impact of Unhealthy Food in Schools

Throughout their careers, Ingrid and Franklin saw first-hand the link between a child’s eating habits and their ability to learn. Children who eat well have more energy, longer attention spans, and are in better physical health than children who eat unhealthy foods. Unfortunately, the cost of healthy food and the accessibility of unhealthy food contributes to poor eating habits among children, leading to high rates of obese and overweight children. Nationwide, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. [source:]

In their role as educators, Franklin and Ingrid promoted healthy eating habits in their schools by advocating for and providing healthy snack options for students and by talking with students about nutrition.

Promoting Healthy Eating in Schools

Franklin and Ingrid now continue to address childhood obesity through True North Granola by working with local schools to provide free and healthy granola to students. True North has been donating granola to after-school programs in the business’ hometown, Brattleboro, Vermont since 2008. As the company continues to grow, so too will its support and promotion of healthy eating in schools.

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