Summer Granola Treats With Chocolate

By Kate Springer

Photos and inspiration for this piece from Clare Barboza

Our professional photographer and food stylist, Clare Barboza, recently sent us photos of her must-eat summer granola treats. We thought they were too good not to share, so we will be doing so over a few blog posts. Recipes to make the dishes yourself will also be included.

First up: Chocolate! We cannot get enough of this sweet, creamy substance, especially when it is the focus of a dessert. For extra chocolate goodness, add in our Coconut or Choco Granola.

Granola-Topped Chocolate Pudding

Summer granola treats for chocolate lovers include chocolate pudding with Choco Granola.


Simply take chocolate pudding, store-bought or your own, and top it with your favorite flavor of True North Granola. Our Choco Granola goes great with chocolate pudding!

Chocolate-Dipped Bananas

Chocolate-Dipped Bananas are an easy summer granola treat to make.


Looking for a way to make your own frozen treats, or use up extra bananas? These Chocolate-Dipped Bananas are flavorful and filling.


-12 oz. chocolate chips
-2 tablespoons of oil, coconut works well
-3 ripe bananas
-About 3 cups toppings, such as granola, nuts, coconut and sprinkles


1. Put each topping in its own bowl. Line a cookie sheet or container with parchment paper on which to set the bananas.
2. Put the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Melt the chocolate in 15-second increments, until mostly smooth. Stir the chocolate to get rid of any chunks.
3. While the chocolate melts, take a minute to slice bananas about ½ inch thick. Once the chocolate is melted, add the oil to thin it.
4. Working quickly, dip each banana slice into the chocolate and toppings Transfer to the parchment paper.
5. Freeze the bananas for at least 6 hours to make sure the treats are solid. Take some out and enjoy on a hot day.

*The Chocolate-Dipped Bananas were inspired by this recipe.

Get your chocolate fix in when you make these recipes. Just make sure to keep them in the fridge and freezer so they do not melt!

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