Tyler, U.S. Military, Korea, March 2018

I’ve been eating granola with my yogurt every morning for the past five years and love it. I’ve been all over the US and tried all different brands in that time but I honestly haven’t found anything as high quality as True North!  With your dedication and commitment to a fantastic product, I don’t see any reason why I would ever go back to a different brand again. I look forward to enjoying your granola for years to come! (Also, being willing to ship to an APO address just makes you that much more fantastic)

Addie, NY, November 2017

I am obsessed with your granola!! I found you guys at a fair in Vermont and can’t get myself to get any other granola in all of New York City. Thank you!

Glynis, Manchester, England, November 2017

My husband and I are touring New England and arrived in Brattleboro yesterday after driving across the Molly Stark Byway for the fall colours. We chanced upon the farmers’ market and then your stall. When I sampled your Nutty No Grainer with Blueberries, I immediately thought, “Wow, this is different!” and bought one of the small bags. Having walked back to our car, I realized I had missed a trick – this would make the perfect gift for me to take back to family and friends as an example of authentic New England, so I returned to the stall and bought some more. What a super product. Just wished you supplied to the UK, but another great reason to return to this beautiful area of America. Thank you.”

Janelle – Granola lover from Virginia, August 2017

Hello to our favorite (and only) Granola Team – This is the first time I have actually run out of granola and my daughter asked “what are we supposed to eat”?  Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Jane–Cincinnati, Ohio, 2016

I bought some at the Middlebury Co-op and fell completely in love with Go Nuts. It’s hands-down the best granola I’ve ever tasted- even better than my own!

Joe, West Granby, Connecticut, October, 2015

I have been coming up to Brattleboro to hang out with my high school buddy, Greg, 3 or 4 times a year. When the farmer’s market is open, I always grab a bag of granola but It is typically is gone within a week. I was there a couple of weeks ago and Ingrid mentioned that you will ship it. As I watched my bag dwindle, and the panic started to set in, I placed an order for a 3 lb bag of your gluten free cherry vanilla pecan granola. It arrived today and I am so stoked! Just wanted to pass on my gratitude for your brilliant combination of ingredients and creating this granola for the gluten challenged like myself. By far the best gluten free granola on the planet. Brilliant! I’ve tried many and there is no comparison. While some will do the obvious and add it to their yogurt, I lean a little more toward the decadent side and prefer it with Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream. Killer! I’ m eating it right now! This weekend I plan to use it as a gluten free topping for my apple crisp. Should be amazing! Keep on spreading the love.

Kelton, PA October, 2015

My daughter is looking at UVM and we found you on a campus visit. Your granola is better than any that we’ve found at our local stores so we were happy to see that we can still get it here in Pennsylvania.

David, Denville, NJ October, 2015

I very much appreciate your granola and your service! All the “healthy” brands I find in stores, including Whole Foods, don’t come close…

Juliana, Connecticut, May 2015

My father went on a business trip to Vermont last weekend and brought home some of your granola. I really loved it and wanted to order more. Thanks for making such an awesome (vegan and gluten free) product!

Diane, Hingham, Massachusetts, May 2015

I was spring skiing with my family at Killington (VT) and stopped off at a general market to get lunch so we could eat and drive (fabulous prepared good counter and gourmet foods plus fresh breads and produce, much of it local to VT). I saw your granola on a shelf In the back left while I was waiting for the sandwiches to be made (a woman likes to browse!) and figured it must be great if, of all the granola the fancy market could stock, they picked True North. The only granola that can match yours is the amazing cherry-cranberry-cashew granola I had at canyon ranch 8 years ago! If you could use the recipe and co-brand it with Canyon Ranch you would make millions. I am not kidding. I saved the package and was delighted to find I can order it online since no stores near me carry it. I dream about your granola!”

Carol, Vermont, August, 2015

My partner and I finished dinner last night and were hunkering for some kind of dessert. But alas, we had nothing in the house. Until I remembered the Cookie Mix up in the pantry behind the cat food. At 10 pm we decided to make your cookies. Yikes, I ate 6 in about 10 seconds! They were so light and delicious! The instructions were very clear. You must have been a teacher or something. Thanks you very much for producing such a quality product.

Sharlene, Montana, 2015

I truly love your product. As a recently diagnosed Breast Cancer survivor I have a hard time finding healthy snacks. I found your products in New York when I was visiting a week ago. I only wish you would provide these to Canadian customers. I watch GMO, try to eat organic when possible and Gluten Free. It’s hard… so thank you for such a great snack!! I have been contemplating opening a small store to provide healthy GMO-free meals/snacks.. if I do this I will keep your business in mind.

Carol, New Jersey, 2015

Hello Ingrid: On my way home from vacation I stopped in the Grafton Village Cheese store in Brattleboro and brought home a package of your Nutty No Grainer. I love it! I am not much of a breakfast person so I like to take a health snack to work to pick on in the morning. Your Nutty No Grainer is just perfect for me! Today I went online to find out if I could get it locally (New Jersey) and found that I could order it online. Thank you for a great product! Have a wonderful day!

Marlene, Albany, NY, 2015

I went on a senior trip to Vermont and your product was in one of the places we toured. When I got home and tried it I was hooked. Best darn granola I have tasted in a long time. I will be buying from you regularly. I live in Albany NY and wish it was being sold at our Co-op or at Whole Foods or somewhere here. It is very good. Going to try your cookie mix next although my favorite cookie is an oatmeal one. Thanks for all you do.

When asked to describe how True North products differed from others, here’s what two buyers had to say… After tasting your Granola as well as many others I have deemed your Granola to be far superior for the specific reasons below: 1) The combination of the nuts, berries and granola that you chose for each individual mix works perfectly. The flavors work well with each other bringing the overall flavor to be just perfect. It’s hard to stop eating it. 2) The ratio of each product is also well thought out. Each bite has just enough moisture that is completely satisfying. 2) True North Granola uses whole nuts which is uncommon as most companies use diced, slices or pieces. Representative Specialty Food Company Brooklyn, NY What I liked about your granola is that like many of the other granolas we tried, it was made from healthy, natural, and nutritious ingredients, but the taste was different. Your granola had a lot more flavor that made it stand out from the other products. It’s nice when you can eat something healthy that also tastes delicious.
Food Service Director Investment Firm Baltimore

Denise and Ed, New Jersey, April 2015

Ingrid, We ran out a few weeks ago and I bought some Granola from the store that I have liked in the past. Needless to say it will go stale in my cabinet.   Your granola by far is the best, same as your oatmeal.  My husband typically doesn’t eat oatmeal but he eats yours! I’m so glad we went into Cabot that day.  I can’t eat my yogurt without you now! Truly addicted to something DELICIOUS and healthy!

Michele, South Dakota, April 2015

We love granola and yours is the BEST!  As I was making our shopping list and realized we were low on cereal. I thought to order something special.  And talk about good timing – I had intended for this order to be a surprise for Ram, but as he told me just this morning to not buy any more granola from the store because ‘it tastes like ‘cardboard’, I let him know some of the really good stuff was on the way.  He said he had been thinking about your granola too 🙂 Thanks for the extra treat of no shipping on first time orders.  That was an unexpected bonus.  Your website is really great too – visually appealing, easy to navigate and contains all the information one would want.  Well done!

Teasha, San Jose, California, April 2015

Thank you, Ingrid & Franklin, for making such fabulous grain-free granola. My family’s paleo lifestyle made finding a delicious granola very difficult. Nutty No-Grainer has been our delightful answer. And, as a busy working mom, it serves as a very easy breakfast and midday snack staple for us–you could say it’s a “nutty no-brainer!” We appreciate the high quality ingredients, addictive flavors, and that perfect nutty crunch that signifies how fresh the batch is. We are literally ordering this in bulk and can’t keep our hands off of it!

Molly, Massachusetts, March 2015

Hi Ingrid, Thanks for reaching out.  I was first introduced to your products by my sister, Beth, who gave me your Nutty No Grainer as a Christmas gift.  I pretty much ate the whole bag in one sitting, and now eat it each day as a mid-morning snack and in my yogurt at lunch.  I’ve been trying to stock up whenever we’re back in Brattleboro, but ordering online seemed easier.  My boys also love your granola chocolate chip cookies, so I’ll have to restock that soon too! I hope you and your family are doing well.

Sunny Bed and Breakfast Inn, New York, March 2015

I have been going through withdrawal because we ran out of granola months ago (for us and the B&B).  Several [guests] have taken the wrapper home with them so they can look you up on line and order for themselves. We love your granola and I won’t purchase any other (and my attempts were not worth repeating).

Danielle, Massachusetts, March 2015

Hello, I absolutely love your granola and was thinking about ordering an assortment to include in our gift bags for our wedding! Can you let me know if this is something you can do and what the costs are? We’re thinking of including a smaller sized bag of granola in each gift bag, for about 75 bags. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mike, New Hampshire, March, 2015

I met and chatted with the Principals at the Cabot Annex Store up in Stowe (VT) a few weeks ago.  I bought some of your products for inspection by my family and now we are return customers.

Molly, Massachusetts, March, 2015

I was first introduced to your products by my sister, Beth, who gave me your Nutty No Grainer as a Christmas gift.  I pretty much ate the whole bag in one sitting, and now eat it each day as a mid-morning snack and in my yogurt at lunch.  I’ve been trying to stock up whenever we’re back in Brattleboro, but ordering online seemed easier.  My boys also love your granola chocolate chip cookies, so I’ll have to restock that soon too! I hope you and your family are doing well.

Mary, Ohio, October 2014

My sister Nancy has been ordering since we sampled your granola at a farmer’s market in Vermont when we vacationed there a few years ago. It took me a little longer to get around to it but it’s the best. I ordered a gift box to be delivered to my son’s home in California a couple weeks ago when I visited and I suspect he will be hooked also. He especially liked the chocolate!

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