The Top Health Benefits of Coconut

The Top Health Benefits of Coconut


By Kate Springer

Coconut is a tropical fruit that can add dimension to numerous dishes, including Coconut Granola. People consume it in multiple forms, from coconut oil and coconut chips to coconut flakes and coconut milk, which makes it a versatile food. What else is so great about coconut? Have you ever wondered why it is good for your health? Read on.

The Benefits of Coconut

#1: Its High Protein and Amino Acid Content
Coconut has 17 of the essential amino acids needed for the formation of protein. Also,
there are 8 grams of protein in ½ cup of fresh coconut meat.

#2: It is packed with Iron
½ cup of shredded coconut has 1.9 mg of iron, 11% of the daily recommended value.

#3: Full of Fiber
Its fiber content contributes to a healthy daily intake. In one cup of coconut, there are 4.2
grams of fiber.

Fun Facts about Coconut
→Coconuts are technically fibrous one-seeded drupes. A drupe is a fruit that is covered with a hard shell which encloses the seed. Peaches are an example of another drupe.
→From a botanical perspective, a coconut palm is not a tree. It does not contains branches, secondary growth or branches.
→It takes almost a full year, 11-12 months, for a coconut to mature.

How True North Granola Uses Coconut

Coconut Granola in Bowl

Our Coconut Granola is big on coconut flavor.

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