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Pumpkin pie

How Our Pumpkin Granola Tastes Like Pumpkin Pie

How Our Pumpkin Granola Tastes Like Pumpkin Pie By Kate Springer Pumpkin pie lovers and fall flavor enthusiasts are fans of our Pumpkin Granola. With pecans, golden raisins, ginger, pistachios and seeds, it is obvious why. In addition to being crunchy and delicious, the Pumpkin Granola tastes like a popular cooler-weather dessert: pumpkin pie. How […]

Healthy Granola Taste Test: Part 2

Healthy Granola Taste Test Part 2: Gluten Free and Grain Free Granola By Kate Springer Are you curious to learn about True North Granola’s grain-free and gluten-free granola products? If so, check out the second part of my healthy granola taste test. Since I am a new True North Granola eater, the comments below are my […]

coconut granola

Healthy Granola Taste Test: Part 1

Healthy Granola Taste Test: Part 1 By Kate Springer Despite having grown up in Vermont, I had never had True North Granola until recently. I tried 14 different types of healthy granola in the convenient snack pack size. Whether you are a longtime consumer of True North Granola’s products, or a new one like me, […]

Best Granola Snacks for Summer Adventures

Best Granola Snack Recipes for Your Summer Adventure By Kate Springer June means warmer weather and the official start of summer. Whether you are going hiking, swimming, on a road trip or doing something else entirely, you need healthy snacks that will help fuel your action-packed days. Read on for two recipes of the best […]

Nutty No Grainer: A Grain Free Granola

Introducing: Nutty No Grainer A healthy grain free granola that is paleo friendly. Made with all natural or organic nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut oil, maple syrup, and spices and baked to delicious perfection. Buy online in snack packs, 8 oz bags or bulk. As many of you know, over the past few months we’ve […]

Do You Love Granola? Join The Club!

Do you like consistently fresh, healthy, and tasty food? Want to be the first to sample our new products? Or how about saving some of your time and money? Well join the club–our True North Granola Club that is. What is it exactly? We’re glad you asked. If you order through the club, you can […]

True North Granola is Nuts About Taste and Health

Many of us consume nuts everyday in our diets. Some nuts are considered a fruit while others a seed.  Some may shy away, thinking that nuts have too much fat. Few may understand the entire picture these nourishing foods provide in order to maintain a healthy diet. Nuts contain a healthy dose of Monounsaturated fats […]

Nutrition & Transparency is Important to True North

Nutrition & Transparency Do you ever become overwhelmed with the cornucopia of “healthy” food choices out there? Are the ingredients sending a different message than the label? Oftentimes, it seems impossible to sift through vague claims of all natural or misleading marketing. This leaves you, the consumer, left in the dark. At True North Granola, we […]

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