HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2021: Covid 19 and Our Operations

Winter in Vermont

January, 2021

Dear True North Granola Valued Customers,

It’s still winter in Vermont, and will remain so for quite some time. This photo remains relevant, even if you saw it this past December. Winters in Vermont are always quite beautiful.

Our shop remains open and is functioning quite well, still with the same Covid19 protocols in place we began 10 months ago (masks, distancing, cleanliness, food safety, individual worker schedules, handwashing more than you can imagine, wearing gloves)! It’s hard to believe we are still deeply into this pandemic, and the rise in deaths and infections signifies just how very serious a situation continues to exist. We remain forever grateful to you, our loyal and dedicated customers, for your dedicated support for our small business.

It is all too easy right now to let ourselves be driven by pandemic fatigue. We are working hard not to allow this fatigue to enter our personal or work lives. As I’ve shared in the past, and it warrants re-sharing, we have learned how to manage our small business throughout this pandemic, but it’s truly our amazing staff and customers who separately and together sustain us.

The vaccine on the horizon provides ample hope for a safe and healthy new year, and what we’ve learned from living in and through this pandemic has sharpened our resilience, encouraged our support for one another, and shown us that while change is necessary, it, too, can bring new ways of learning, working, communicating and doing.

Our family connections continue, from a distance, and this distance can easily add to our sadness, but it is not overtaking us. Everyone is healthy, both in work and family, and for that we remain inordinately grateful. We are fortunate to experience many reasons to be happy, and will focus on what we have gained, not what we have lost. The one major exception, of course, is loss of life within family and friends. We hope this is true for our wonderful customers.  Zoom is certainly benefiting from this pandemic!

In December, we shared that we have had to make some changes to our shipping costs, and have held off for a long time before doing so. Our previous shipping rates caused us to experience significant economic losses in 2020, and increased shipping rates from UPS, USPS and FedEx have resulted in enormous changes for small business, too. Our shipping rate changes were done by geographic region of the country, and by a tiered cost approach with each order. Certain regions of the country did not require an increase in shipping rates, and we were able to continue to honor these lower rates.

Our mainstay granolas and customer favorites are here to stay. As we look for some silver linings in this pandemic, we have discovered what our customers most value–Ginger, Choco, Organic First Date, Go Nuts, Granola Blues, Maple Vanilla Original, Organic Maple Vanilla GF, Nutty No Grainers Original, Cranberry and Mediterranean. Thank you for helping us sort this out, too. Our Cookie Mix and Muesli products remain very attractive to customers; look for a February promotion focused entirely on our Cookie Mix product.

If you are an existing customer, please know that our “Refer a friend” promo continues to exist. If you make a referral and your friend or family member places an order, you will receive a $10 discount off your next order. Just let us know via email that this has occurred and we’ll make this happen for you.

We continue to offer our highly successful Subscription Program which decreases your cost for each order. Set it up one time, and we do the rest. We have increased the savings on the subscription order. If you place a subscription with a frequency delivery of every month, you will now receive 7% discount on this order. Subscriptions that will be sent every-other-month will continue to save you 5% per order. This is the True North Granola version of ‘one-click ordering,’ and it is working quite well.

Thank you for your continuing orders and thank you for your amazing reviews.  All of your reviews are on our website, and we make it a priority to respond to each of you as they come in. They are so much fun for us to read.

Lastly, please check out our newest blog each month. Written by Kate, one of our social media staff members, they offer insights, instruction, and very good reasons as to why True North Granola products are as good as they are.

We will continue to notify you of changes to our business.

With gratitude, and our continuing best wishes for your extended good health and safety in 2021.

Ingrid and Franklin, Owners, True North Granola